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Other applications

Other applications

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Filler for making rubber soles, rubber mats, solid rubber wheels, etc.


As a component for explosives.

Enzymes of detergents

Cellulose serves as a carrier for detergent enzymes (proteases).

Food enzymes

Cellulose serves as a carrier for food enzymes.


  • Cellulose derivatives.
  • Additive to porous abrasive products.
  • Component in the production of pigmented titanium dioxide.
  • Filler in the production of adhesive mastics and sealants, in adhesive compositions based on natural and synthetic adhesives.

Wood putties

  • Basis for filters and filter elements.
  • Additive in the production of steels and ferroalloys, an additive to molding sand for the production of foundry molds.
  • Additive to drilling fluids and plugging materials used in oil production.
  • Raw materials for the production of sorbents, including for the removal of oil pollution.
  • Basis for the manufacture of pet products.
  • Additive in some mixed fodder.